Thursday, August 24, 2006

My first ever canning session

There it is... my project of yesterday continued into today... Behold, my very first ever self-canned product! WooHoo! I spent most of the day yesterday making the sauce then decided this morning to give the whole pressure canning thing a shot instead of freezing it as usual. What I discovered... once closed, my canner can only be opened with the assistance of a hammer. And it doesn't seal completely. I'd say about 99% sealed. Or maybe it does and I just don't know how to work it. Which is likely since I've never done or seen it done and I bought the canner on ebay and it is really old and I don't have an owner's manual for it. But all in all, it seemed to come together okay. I had a good sense of accomplishment when I pulled these 3 little jars from the canner and put them out on the counter to admire. I would even go so far as to say it was a little bit fun to finally can something. After this trial run I can say that I would be willing to buy a NEW canner and the proper accessories, such as a hot jar lifter! :) Maybe next year I can plant more green bean plants (note - 4 plants will yield enough beans for one meal) and try canning beans. 'Cuz we all know that I LOVE Grandma's green beans and she will eventually give up her garden and I can't bear to give up those precious beans! I'd like to try a trial batch while she's still around to give advice. And we have two mulberry trees - I could make mulberry jelly or something to can as well.

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Cheryl Wray said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I have never tried canning. Guess I just always thought it would be too hard!
But I LOVE canned jellies. My fave is pear preserves. Yummy!