Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Headed south

Day 9 - Monday - July 31, 2006

0943 - On the road. Stopped to get coffee from Black Forest Coffee Haus (where the video store used to be and also, as it turns out, where the post office used to be next door). I ordered a Pike's Peak for Melissa and a Nutty Irishman for Ron and I to share. While inside, I asked directions to the post office since that was what we were really looking for when we pulled in. Lucky for me I didn't know the PO had moved or else I might not have gotten any coffee. Ron got ANOTHER bee sting (in 3 places from one bee) while loading the car this morning. This one was gunning for him. You could almost hear the bee buzzing as it zoomed in for the kill... "That's the one! That's the one who mowed down all our flowers yesterday. Attack!!!" I gave him some anti-itch creme, which I kept handy for future applications as we head down the road. We are headed for the Royal Gorge this morning and ultimately, Grandma and Grandpa R's house in Los Alamos, NM.

Pikes Peak is very clear this morning so we can see where we were on Saturday.

I have added 2 things to my "Do Before I Die" list...
1. Own my own horse.
2. Climb Pike's Peak (on foot - twice in a car doesn't count. I am still kicking myself that I didn't go with the group of fellow camp counselors that went up on our long weekend 16 years ago. One of my life's regrets.)

1043 - stop for gas in Canon City, $3.04/gallon

1110 - pass the Holy Cross Abbey and Winery

1125 - Mom called. Said she's probably not coming with us on the drive back. Lost our signal mid-conversation

1137 - Arrive at Royal Gorge. Pay an arm and a leg to gain entrance to the park. Walk across the bridge, climb the hill to the aerial tram, ride the tram back across the canyon, take a family picture (a friendly fellow tourist helped us out), ride the merry-go-round, wait in line to ride the incline railway to the bottom of the gorge, take a few pictures, wait in line to go back up the incline railway, buy lunch, pile back into the car... whew. I'm tired but we have (hopefully) gotten our money's worth. Spent more time here than I thought it would take to see it all.

2:00 pm - leave Royal Gorge. Follow the Arkansas River to Salida. Lots of rafters out on the river today. I haven't been rafting in so long... maybe in a few years when the kids are older we can go again.

2:22 pm - Should've put on sunscreen today. Feeling a little toasty after our morning at the gorge.

3:15 pm - Stop in Salida for potty-break, tacos, coke, and driver switch. Will Ron really be sleeping while I drive through the mountains? We shall see...

3:30 pm - Poncha Pass, 9010 ft.

3:40 pm - I have driven 2300 miles so far on our big trip.

5:13 pm - New Mexico!

After we arrive in Los Alamos, Ron and I do our typical "dump and run" routine. Leave the kids with Grandma and go out to dinner.

I was able to check my email tonight with a high-speed connection. Woo hoo!

10:30 pm- I'm not done on the computer, want to blog some more but I have to go lie down to make Felisa go to sleep.

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