Saturday, August 12, 2006

They told pancake stories all night...

That's right folks, pancake stories. I have no idea what a pancake story is but the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves. A single pancake story might not be so loud but times 5? Definitely loud. Philip and Thomas got to spend the night last night so the living room was turned into a big blanket and pillow pit. Foreshadowing of sleepovers to come?

I spent the afternoon yesterday messing around with blog templates. So when the pancake stories started to get out of control, I took my laptop and went to hide in the bedroom.

My sanctuary was soon invaded by Felisa who wanted to sleep with Mommy and a bit later by Bella who had developed a fever. And so I spent the night sandwiched between two hot bodies that just HAD to be touching me!

Went to Costco this morning to procure the salsa as ordered. Unfortunately, there wasn't any El Pinto salsa. I did get some green chiles, green chile stew, and queso. I'll have to hit Smiths maybe tomorrow and get a few smaller jars of salsa.

On the way back from Costco we stopped at Raleys to get tylenol for Bella. Came home, force-fed her medicine, unloaded then headed out all alone for another shopping trip. First stop, Sonic for a green chile bacon cheeseburger and a cherry-lime. Then I hit Goodwill (found a cute outfit for Felisa, a plate for the kids' collection, and some jeans for myself - hope they fit!), Hastings (found a book and another video), and Vitamin Cottage (yummi echineccea bears for the kids since the last ones melted). I was hungry after all this shopping so I stopped at Starbucks. I ordered a decaf but the guy made a regular by mistake (he's new). I told I'm I'd take it anyway (hate to waste it!) but that I would call him if I was still awake at midnight! They also had... pumpkin scones! So I HAd to get one... Actually I had one the other day too. Can't find any back home until the pumpkin season returns. (S, the first one was for you. The second one was for me!)

Home again to find Felisa in her third outfit of the day. This time it was a potty accident instead of the fountain.

Now, time for swimming. Got everyone changed and slathered up with sunscreen. We couldn't find Felisa's flip-flops ANYWHERE so eventually we gave up and put on her socks and tennis shoes. At the pool, Jared and I had a friendly diving board competition. He won of course, since he is a professional swimmer, lifeguard, and generally athletic guy. I am an okay swimmer but not athletic or coordinated at all as you know. It was really a lot of fun. The kids were done long before the grown-ups today but we decided to be selfish and keep swimming anyway. Eventually they started shivering though so we had to pack it in. The best 2 hours I've had in awhile.

After swimming - BBQ! Yum! Then a quiet evening just hanging around.

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