Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally Friday

Day 20 - Friday - August 11, 2006

Wow. What a long week. Single-parenting is rough and I hope that I don't ever have to do it for real. My prayers go out for all the single parents out there. God bless them.

So, a slow morning at home. The kids played leapster/v-smile for basically forever. I called S and caught up with her a bit. Then Felisa took a break from playing to supervise my shower. Because I'm sure I'd never be able to handle it without her direction...

Finally headed out around noon. Stopped at Hobby Lobby in my never-ending search for the perfect key box. Just like the one I saw at Cost Plus about 10 years ago and didn't buy. Why oh why didn't I buy?!? Picked up a couple scrapbook items, just because. First time this trip though so I should get credit for practicing such amazing restraint! I've been keeping my eyes open for the perfect baby girl papers for a project I have to do when I get home.

After HL, stopped at Wendy's to pick up chix nuggets and french fries for the kids. I was headed for lunch at Schlotsky's which would definitely be wasted on them so I fed them ahead of time. I tried to the basil chicken pizza this time. Pretty tasty. Still like the Original sandwich best though. And of course the BBQ chicken pizza. Yum!

Then home. Pretty exciting, eh? Felisa took a nap while I ate my lunch and watched The Family Stone. I was expecting a comedy, which it wasn't, but it was pretty good nonetheless. Made me cry so now I have a headache. Could also be a bit of dehydration.

We may be finally succumbing to the travel germs. I'm surprised the kids have all been healthy this long. They are usually sick almost right away. Felisa has been coughing a little the last two days and now Bella is complaining about having a headache. She sat on me for most of the movie practicing her melodramatic moaning. I gave her some tylenol and now she is watching Backyardigans. We are expecting Elena and the kids in the next hour or so and the grandparents should be here in about an hour and a half. We'll have Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner and life will be good...


mapiprincesa said...

wow...nice template change!!!

She-Ra said...

Cool,huh! Good thing I'm on vacation and have all this time on my hands to redecorate my blog! That will soon be a thing of the past - back to reality!