Monday, August 07, 2006

Divine Intervention Sunday

Day 15 - Sunday - August 6, 2006

Up early for church at 9.

You'll never guess who I ran into at church today - Patricia! When I talked to S the other day, she mentioned Patricia. Which reminded me that I needed to get a hold of her and see about getting together while we are here (she just moved back here from VA a couple months ago). I had emailed her in May but it was returned. And after S gave me her up-to-date info, I was busy and never tried to email again about our specific travel dates. And last night while I was walking Felisa to sleep outside, I was thinking that I needed to check my PDA to see if I had gotten her phone # entered. And if not, I would need to call S to get it again. Then I forgot about it again. And this morning, I looked across the aisle, in my usual I'm-not-paying-attention-during-Mass-crowd surfing, and THERE SHE WAS! Wow! Talk about God's little miracles. She saw me a little later in mass and was surprised to say the least. Talking to her after mass, I found out that just yesterday she had been really sad, missing her friends from VA. Now I'm convinced God had a hand in that one! He knew that she needed to see me before I was going to get around to calling her so he made it happen. I read something just the other day that basically said that coincidences are really just God's silent little miracles. Definitely seems true today!

After church we made our traditional trip over to Krispy Kreme for donuts. Patricia and Nathan were able to join us, though just for a bit as Nathan prefers bagels and was getting a bit antsy. We made tentative arrangements to get together this week after Ron goes home and before we leave to drive back.

After lunch, Ron and I went to Old Town to check out a bookstore that claimed to specialize in southwestern regional books. And they had a fantastic selection of kids' books. I will definitely return here for souvenier shopping in the future. We saw a couple other stores as well then headed up to Bernalillo to meet Elena and Jared. We toured a couple model home developments. I hated all the houses by the first builder but the second builder had some great ones. It also happened to be an Active Adult Community so we were scoping out Grandma and Grandpa's next house purchase. :) We all agreed on which model we liked the best so we shall see...

On the way back, we stopped at Jackalope. I was disappointed to see that most of the SW style textiles were made in India and another country I can't remember now. I'm going to have to search out a place to find authentic Indian (as in Native American) made products. We found some nice stuff in Santa Fe but it was all expensive and nothing that we really needed right now anyway. Some day...

After Jackalope, an early dinner at El Pinto. We ordered the nachos which apparently had been given the title of Best Nachos by the Wall Street Journal. They were good but too many to finish. It looked like we had barely eaten any and we were completely stuffed! Nice place. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Back home for more hanging out. Lourna and Emilio went back up the hill to LA after dinner - back to work tomorrow. Elena and Jared stayed awhile longer. We ended up watching the E! special on Reese Witherspoon. There are a bunch of her movies I haven't seen yet but now I want to. The McL's went home to bed after the show. I fell asleep trying to get Felisa to sleep.

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