Monday, August 21, 2006

I don't have to be me...

... until Monday!

I was listening to the radio on my way back from the airport this morning (thank you again, Grandpa R for EVERYTHING - you rock!) and it seemed very appropo (how do you spell that anyway?).

Vacation is over. I lived yesterday in the state of De Nial. Today I must face reality. Which comes like a slap in the face after my awesome vacation life I have been living! I happen to live in a pigsty. Which I already knew but it always is more obvious after being away from it all for awhile. And all those energy-sucking daily chores are mine once again - dishes, laundry, dinner, etc. Today is an especially long day. The first day back always is.

At 3:00 I have accomplished the following so far today:

  • Up at 4:30 to take Emilio to the airport. Ron offered but I told him to sleep in. I needed to get up anyway to go to exercise class.
  • Exercise class from 6-7:00. Jog (mostly with a little walking) about 2 miles (probably a little less actually) then medicine balls. It was good to see everyone again, though a few people weren't there. I have really enjoyed this class over the last year even though I haven't lost any weight doing it. But I am more fit...
  • Start a load of laundry (which required me to find the 2 bags of laundry from the last days on the road - can you say unload the car and dump it all in the entryway?!?!)
  • Talk to S and decide on a gathering here
  • Decide what I can make for dinner without having to go to the grocery store. Get it started.
  • Hang out with S and kids. Look at her awesome pix and scrapbook-in-progress from her South America trip
  • Cut out coupons
  • Go to Safeway (forgot to bring my list!) with my 3 little monkeys (they were actually pretty good today). Bought my very necessary Ice Mocha from Starbucks.
  • Put away groceries
  • Add more ingredients to dinner in the crockpot (3 beans and sausage)
  • Check the laundry. Decide to hang it outside. Figure out my clothesline is broken. Use my extra drying rack I got for free from the neighbor's give-away pile.
  • Water my compost pile and the herbs.
  • Find a crib sheet to cover the ottoman top. The worn spot has gone all the way through now and the stuffing is starting to come off. Lourna was able to fix my seat cushions that wore through and we covered the couches with slipcovers. This one will be harder to fix! The fitted crib sheet is actually an almost perfect fit so now I just need to find a complementary solid color. Primary Pooh is clashing a bit!
  • Decide I need a trip to ToysRUs/BabiesRUS and maybe Target this week.
  • Looked at the school supply list for Ryan. A few things make me crazy, such as needing to buy new scissors and a new pencil box so that I can send them in UNLABELED. And they want a specific brand of pencils that can be bought at COSTCO. Too bad I don't belong to Costco. Maybe I'll wait until the last minute so I can ask the teacher about it at the open house. Or maybe I can find out who his teacher is so I can find out sooner than that. I don't really want to wait until the last minute.

And now I need to figure out what to do next. I have group tonight which will be nice. I guess more laundry and unpacking are at the top of the list...

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