Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Year of the Glue Sticks

I hereby decree that this shall forever more be known as the year of the glue sticks. For some reason, Ryan's school supply list calls for 20 - count them, 20! - glue sticks. I thought perhaps it was a typo but in fact, he needs to bring 20 glue sticks. I expect to see at least 3 glued projects/day to justify all that! Last year he only needed 3. Big difference, don't you think? I bought 8 on our July shopping trip (back when I thought it must surely be a typo). Which means I still need 12. We went to Target on Friday for a few odds and ends and the last of the school supplies. Alas, no glue sticks. All the other first graders must have been there before us! Guess we'll hit Staples again tomorrow.

My last planner ended in July so I have been looking for a suitable substitute. At Target I found a hot pink 3-ring binder style set of dividers and calendar pages. Pink? Perfect! This afternoon I put it in my 50-cent hot pink 3-ring binder (bought at Staples on sale in July!) and started filling in the dates. Doesn't September and all the back-to-school hustle make it seem like New Years? A fresh start... This year, I'll be more organized... This year, I'll (fill in the blank)... We shall see. Without hope, what is there?

Enough looking forward. Let's look back... I was watching a Princess Diana movie on Oxygen this afternoon. I remember when the news broke that she had died in a car accident. We were out to sea (when weren't we?!?) and it came across the internet. Someone printed out the article and posted it outside the message center and the news spread quickly throughout the ship. I remember not believing it at first. After all, the Navy was just beginning to get on board with the internet and email for the troops while deployed. Since news from the outside world was few and far between, I figured someone must be making it up and it was just a rumor. But alas, it was true. So watching the movie today was interesting. (I know - it's just a movie so take it with a grain of salt!) It was interesting to fill in the blanks of all that missing time. All the news I missed by being in and out of port all the time. See what happened leading up to that day. Very sad, really. I'm not a big fan of papparazzi and their no holds barred tactics and this movie just reinforces that.

And now I must get back to work... Have a client's calendar to finish by tomorrow (hope S isn't reading this, ha ha!).

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