Sunday, August 13, 2006

Final Sunday?

Day 22 - Sunday - August 13, 2006

Well, here it is. Sunday. Our last day before we hit the road to head back. The last couple days I've been planning to leave early Monday morning. Unfortunately I forgot that if today is Sunday, that would make tomorrow Monday. Did I say leave early on Monday morning? Well then perhaps I need to spend a little time, oh I don't know, maybe packing?!?! We have certainly managed to make ourselves at home and spread every little thing we own to the far corners of the house so I'd better get busy. Of course I'm tired already so not sure how well I'll do... I had planned to go to bed early last night. Elena and Jared and the kids left early last night (before 9) and Felisa hadn't had a nap so I figured I was golden - asleep by 10 for sure. But no. I think Felisa must have been drinking my coffee because she would NOT go to sleep. Ryan went right to sleep. Bella fell asleep fairly easily. But not Felisa. Bella made sure to wake me up early though. At 6:50 she told me she wanted me to get up. Then she handed me her empty water cup. It's a conspiracy I tell you! A conspiracy amongst all the children of the world to make parents everywhere are sleepless.

I think I hear sweet baby squeaks from the corner... Elena and Jared dropped the boys off so they can go run a few errands. It's my last day with sweet baby Seth. The other boys are sweet as well but they are big kids now. Not as fleeting as the sweet new baby time that Seth is in. I am going to miss them all but especially Seth. He will have changed the most between now and when I see him again.
On a different note, I woke up this morning humming a Duran Duran song. mmm mmm mmm mmm Sunday... What was that song about Sunday? Well I just did a little searching around on the internet. Apparently the song I'm thinking of is New Moon on Monday. Ohhhh... Sunday. Monday. Same diff, right?! In my searching I also found a song recorded by Sting (one of Ron's favorite musicians) called Beneath a Desert Moon. Huh. Gotta love a freaky coincidence (remember this past week's Full Moon Desert Adventure?)

Well, the car is now loaded. Everything is packed and ready to hit the road. And so I will go hit the hay!

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GrammawD said...

Hey, so did you get on the road early? Glad you had practice managing 6 kids including a new born. Hmmmmm!! You must be in Texas. Haven't seen Ron in a couple of days but Bailey is always waiting, waiting at the window. She gets out at least 2 times but usually 3 for a walk, a long one and 2 shorts. Come on home.