Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th!

Day 13 - Friday - August 4, 2006

Okay so it's not exactly Friday the 13th as it was originally designed, but it is Friday and it is Day 13 of our trip!!!

0615 - Wake up. Decide to sleep 10 more minutes.

0700 - Wake up again. What time are we supposed to leave for the airport? Oh yeah, 7:00! Go wake up Melissa.

0715 - Leave for the airport.

0750 - Call Christy to tell her that Melissa is officially out of our hands.

0810 - Breakfast at Village Inn. There certainly are a lot of regional breakfast choices! Chorizo, green chile, breakfast burritos, and more green chile! Yum! I actually choose what turns out to be a "test menu item", the Country Biscuit sandwich with chicken fried steak, eggs, and gravy. Yum, yum. Way too much food though so that means breakfast tomorrow too!

0945 - Cable guy is here to install digital cable and hi-speed internet.

1000 - Go to Elena's with Grandma R to pick up Thomas and Philip.

1015 - Stop at garage sale on the way back. Nothing good. The boys understand though - Grandma's gotta shop a sale!

1030 - Called S. to catch up.

1115 - Ron went to Circuit City to get a cable modem (which apparently we were already supposed to have when the cable guy arrived!). I decided to test the cable and Psych was on. I'm loving that show!

(Kids running - yelling - playing all around)

1145 - Kids are eating lunch - chicken nuggets, of course!

(More running - yelling - playing all around)

12:45 pm - Leftover Papa Murphy's pizza for lunch for Ron and I. Ron is drinking ginger ale. Ick.

1:30 pm - Elena and Seth come over.

(Kids running - yelling - playing all around)

4:45 pm - Finish my first ever sudoku puzzle. AND... I got it right! I can sense the addiction lurking in the shadows. I want to try another one. NOW!

5:15 pm - Off to Smiths to pick up my pictures. And a sudoku book. I debated back and forth and went with the Easy Sudoku. Don't want to over-exercise my one remaining brain cell!

5:30 pm - Elena and Jared head off for an anniversary dinner. We get to babysit!

6:00 pm - Grandma's BBQ for dinner. Yum!

6:15 pm - Seth is awake.

(Kids running - yelling - playing all around)

7:00 pm - Seth is back asleep after his bottle. I told him not to keep his mom up all night tonight.

9:00 pm - McL's have all gone home to bed. Everyone here is sent to bed after a busy day of playing.

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