Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Finding Heaven in the Hill Country

Day 25 - Wednesday - August 16, 2006

0715 - Wake up. Enjoy a little time chatting with James and Betty Lou before they head off to the airport in San Antonio (3 hours roundtrip) to pick up Emilio. They were kind enough to make the drive so that the kids didn't have to sit in the car for 3 hours today. This is especially important since we are leaving tomorrow for a 2 day drive to Birmingham and we spent 12 hours traveling down on Monday. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are awesome!

0815 - Felisa wakes up. Then Ryan who immediately turns on the DVD player which wakes up Bella.

0900 - Finish typing up my blog entry for Monday. Feed the kids. Enjoy coffee outside on the back porch.

0915 - Kids play outside while I grab a quick shower. The rules: stay inside the fence, don't touch any cactus.

0945 - Time to feed the animals! Call the kids then call the deer and sheep. Only a handful of deer show up this morning. We must be late! They seem a bit shy so we retreat to the back porch to watch them eat. Two fawns this morning. Bella was telling me all about which one was Bambi and which was Faline. And that when they lift their heads it is because they hear hunters coming. Our job is to feed them and protect them from the hunters while James and Betty Lou are gone.

1015 - We have moved to the front porch to watch the deer eat on the other side of the yard while we have snacks and drinks.

1030 - Playtime! The kids are playing with the driveway gravel and empty PB jars. Hopefully Betty Lou won't mind that I found two more empty ones in the garage so that they each could have one... I guess I could send her some replacement jars when we get back! :) As I'm drinking my coffee and soaking up the atmosphere, I decide that this place ranks right up at the top of the list for totally awesome, completely relaxing, fantastic vacation spots! The Beach House is the other one. Unfortunately this place is a little farther from anywhere we won't be able to come as often. But we'll love it while we're here! Three cheers for Texas Hill Country and Tierra Linda Ranch!

12:00 pm - Grandpa R has arrived! He's hardly in the door and we're doing a quick load up to take everyone to town to meet Great-Grandpa H and Evelyn at their new house.

12:12 pm - Sharing more leg stories as we drive...
Betty Lou: The man was driving across south Texas (which is of course very hot!) with his leg propped on the open window. A big blast of wind blew his leg off onto the side of the road where a deer picked it up and ran off with it. The man had only one leg now and couldn't run fast enough to catch the deer. The deer eventually got tired of carrying it and dropped it. A cow found the leg and carried it a bit further but eventually got tired and dropped it. Then a horse, then an antelope who dropped it in the field where we found it.
Ryan: A cowboy was wrestling with a horse and lost his leg.
Emilio: It's not my leg - I checked!

12:26 pm - Leaving the house again. We had to go back to get the other car seats. We hadn't been using them yesterday since we were just driving around the ranch. Today we are headed for town so we need them. And forgot to put them in!

12:30 pm - More leg stories...
Ryan: The man was driving with his leg out the window and it blew off into a stream then it floated to the meadow where we found it.
Me: It is a robot leg that ran away from home.
Emilio: Whoever lost it is probably too embarrassed to admit it!
(There was an unfinished 12-pack of beer and wheelie tracks in the meadow where we found the leg.)
James: Is there an organization that recycles prosthetics when they are no longer needed? If not, we should start one.
I think there probably already are projects like that.

12:41 pm - Reminisce about Bailey in her wild days... Last time we were at the ranch, we were moving cross-country so we had the dogs with us. Bailey ran away in the middle of a rainstorm - squeezed herself out the gate and took off. Rudy cut his foot on the lava rocks outside and bled all over the carpet in the house. Their new dog, Wrangler, was peeing all over the carpet. I'm surprised they were willing to let us come back! Just to show how much we've changed, this time my baby peed on the carpet...

12:44 pm - Grandpa H called - where are we?!?

12:51 pm - Wow - look at Grandpa's fancy red sports car!

1:47 pm - Bamboo Asian buffet for lunch

2:4o pm - Leave restaurant. Head to the grocery store for more road snacks. Betty Lou takes us on a little tour of Kerrville.

2:44 pm -Oh my gosh! Is that a Jack-in-the-Box?!?! Why oh why did I eat so much at lunch??? All those pregnancy cravings I had with the girls but couldn't satisfy because JITB was only in CA. Here it is in TX and I didn't even know it. And I'm stuffed so I can't indulge...

Cross over the Guadalupe River to the newer side of town. Stop at HEB for snacks. Stop at the corner trading post near the ranch for postcards. Girls are asleep when we get back so we put them in the bedroom where they sleep for 3 hours. I did our laundry and started packing a little. Betty Lou made dinner. She even gave Ryan an umbrella drink. Grandpa and Evelyn came out and we drank champagne, ate dinner. The kids had naked swim time in the kiddie pool then dessert and umbrella drinks for the girls. More leg stories then bed time.

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