Monday, August 28, 2006

A midnight ride and a morning run

Ron spent the day yesterday (the ENTIRE day!) putting together a new bike. Finally, at midnight, he was ready for a test-ride. Umm, okay. But, you know it's, like, midnight, right?

The verdict - brakes a little iffy but otherwise good. This didn't stop him from riding the same bike to work today...

And I finished the calendar. At 1 a.m. Such is the price of procrastination and my continual, life-long, consistently underestimate the time a project will take, planning. But... it looks GOOD! Now to get the matching album done...

Went to class this morning. 2.5 miles (30 minutes), mostly jogging. The group agreed on a long run for Wednesday. Like 5 miles. I'll see if I can do 3.5 I haven't been farther than the 2.5 miles since I graduated from college. Which was, well, a long time ago.

Boomerang's character of the day today is... Scooby Doo. Guess you know what we'll be doing... :) Except for the break I will force them to take while we go to Safeway and Staples (glue sticks, remember?) Perhaps I can get some work done? Maybe? Please?! Of course I need to do laundry today also. And figure out what's for dinner. Then cook it. And... the list goes on. And on. And on. And Felisa is being whiny already. Oh no.

(brief pause)

Okay - the cause of the whining. She burned her fingers on a light bulb. The same lamp that she tried twice to burn the house down with about a year ago. We have a lamp on a table that sits by the staircase. She likes to reach through the railing and mess with the shade. Which is how she almost burned the house down. She pushed the shade over and left it resting on the light bulb. Which we now know is very hot! And of course I don't realize it until the bulb had melted a spot on the shade. Yikes! But the good news is I don't think she will be messing with it again any time soon... And yes, I have told her many times not to touch the lamp in any way, shape, or form. But, she's two. You do the math!

Okay, time to get this show on the road...

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